Top Kodi Alternatives You Should Try in 2020

Kodi is a figure in the world of streaming. This platform has made a name for itself by providing simple access to a seemingly endless amount of content and has existed for years. But unfortunately, there’s been some terrible news following the stage for a while now.

Kodi alternatives

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The program includes a history of legal problems. Whether it’s various add-ons getting removed or the fear of the full platform being closed down, utilizing Kodi has often turned into a precarious thing. That is why we’ve compiled a list of Kodi alternatives that are great which you can use as a backup program.

Kodi Alternatives for 2020

With all of that said, let’s get down to our listing of the best alternatives to Kodi in 2020.

The first Kodi alternative for 2020 that you should listen to is this fantastic streaming platform called Plex. If you have never heard of it then you will be glad that we place it on your radar.

Plex is arguably the ideal Kodi alternative that is streaming because of just how far it has in common with all the Kodi platform. Plex is a really well-optimized piece of software. This usually means it can run well regardless of weak or how powerful they are. Whether you have an old laptop that’s years from the date or a 2000 desktop PC, Plex will work fine.

Longtime connoisseurs of streaming programs might have known of Emby. Back in the day, this media browser has been nothing greater than a media that is a basic browser. It couldn’t compete with many of the options at the time and had limited. Now, Emby has stepped up its game and has come to be one of the very best Kodi alternatives for 2020.

The Kodi alternative today we must share with you is named Mobdro. This is a networking platform that has actually done a good job of fixing some of the flaws of Kodi.

Among the complaints about the Kodi platform, other than its legal problems, was buffering and that the load times that consumers were exposed to. These kinds of problems have been resolved with Mobdro.

Mobdro is a streaming program but is capable of quick and secure connections. The support is updated frequently which lets us understand that the developers are on top of their game.

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MediaPortal has got some nifty features that set it while the two preceding options had a lot in common with Kodi.

Arguably the best thing about MediaPortal being a fantastic choice to Kodi is the ability to record content. You can capture it and watch it later whenever you wish, if you are streaming a show or movie that you enjoy.

MediaPortal can be easily synced with the information on your hard drive so that it can be used by you as a hub for all your audio and video files. It is going to detect DVD and Blu-Ray disks no problem.

MediaPortal supports a large number of add-ons hence the odds are that most of your favorite 3rd party stations will work just fine here. MediaPortal has.

Stremio is getting to be one of the most well-known media platforms on the market and for good reason. This is the one Kodi alternative that comes closest to emulating the experience of utilizing a streaming service such as Netflix or HBO Go.

The best thing about Stremio is your platform’s devotion to acquiring high-quality videos. Stremio is absolutely packed with content that may be viewed which makes it among the best places or even higher.

This media center includes a great recommendation system very similar to that of Netflix. Movies or the more shows you see, the greater that Stremio will get at indicating you recommendations that fit your viewing habits. This makes it more easy to discover content which will better appeal to a distinctive taste.

Should I Consider Getting a Kodi Alternative?

The simple fact is that the online crackdown of solutions that are streaming has only become more intense over the past few years. It would be wise you may prepare yourself for any changes to keep up with these events.

All great things come to an end while the Kodi streamer has certainly been the press platform for countless individuals worldwide. There is no denying that Kodi had a fantastic run but it might very well be time to leave ship so you can find a new one. Not only will using a replacement streaming system be great insurance if a Kodi shutdown does occur but it is going to offer some peace of mind knowing that you will not be at the middle of a legal conundrum.

Despite the fact that Kodi has made a significant impact on the domain of streaming, it would be safe to say that Kodi was not perfect. It also lacked in certain locations although it was compatible with a large collection of add-ons. That is the reason why people would use more than one media center. Having allowed them to cover their bases all and acquire all of the content that they needed.

The list we have below has been tailored to provide options to Kodi that provide a similar experience but offer features that Kodi lacked. The idea is not to receive a replacement that’s adequate but is equally as good or even better.

There are three variations of Emby which you may pick from. The main one is the Emby Server, that provides you access to this basic player for Linux Windows and Mac OS. The second one is called Emby Mobile apps, which can be employed on Android and iOS. The last is called Emby TV programs and can be utilized with a wide variety of tools or platforms, such as Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV and Android TV.


Let us know in the comment below which of these alternatives have you tried so far. You can also leave us your feedback. Thanks for reading this post. We hope you liked it.

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