Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

If you want to optimise your PC’s hardware settings, it’s time to get the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. It is a tool that lets you monitor, save and tune the hardware system of your device.

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility comes with great features that you will surely appreciate. Those features include:

  • Configure system performance settings in Microsoft Windows such as:
    • Processor core and graphics frequencies
    • Processor core and graphics voltages
    • Memory timings
  • You can change the selected configuration parameters that do not require a system restart.
  • It can save the profile for performance configurations on your system.
  • It enables overclocking in just a click.
  • You have the option to monitor your hardware voltage, frequency and temperature.
  • Track the monitors and graph the variation in values.
  • There’s an individual stress test for memory, graphics and CPU.
  • You can see the details of your computer’s motherboard, processor and BIOS through the system information tab.
  • You are allowed to overclock the system controls with a BIOS-less feature that is available in this software.

Now that you have an insight into what this tuning utility can do, get ready to download and install it on your device for free.

Download Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is available in Windows 7 and 10 (64-bit). To download the software, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1. Click this link to go to Intel Download Center and download Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.

Step 2. Once you opened the page, click the download button provided on the site.

Step 3. Scroll down and accept the terms in the license agreement and the set-up will be downloaded automatically.

Step 4. Wait for a few moments until the download has finished.

Step 5. After downloading, locate the downloaded file and click on it to initiate the installation.

Step 6. Once installed, you can now use the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to optimise your hardware settings.

In Conclusion

It is easy to tune-in and monitor the performance of your PC using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. Downloading the software is also not hard to do since the software is only 27.92 MB in size.

If you have any question regarding download and installation process, drop them down in the comment box below. We’ll help you solve your problem once we saw your message.

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